PAT tests, portable appliance testing

PAT tests

PAT tests, or Portable Appliance Tests, is a specialised process of testing all portable, electrical appliances to ensure they are safe. PAT testing is imperative for businesses to fully comply with The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, in addition to other health and safety regulations.

What is a Portable Appliance?

A portable electrical appliance is any piece of equipment that is connected to the electrical mains through a plug. It is also typically is powered within the 40 – 415 volt range.

Why PAT Test?

The reason for regular PAT testing is that during everyday appliances can become worn or damaged and therefore unsafe to use. When we assess each appliance we have to take into account what effect this will have on the members of the public, and will the appliance cause harm or injury.

What do PAT Tests involve?

The test starts with a visual inspection of appliances and mains in your office space, and then continues onto specific testing of each electrical item in your office. Any item that is found to be faulty is fully repaired, where possible back to a full working and safe condition.

A report is issued detailing the result of each test by item and a certificate is provided. Each item of electrical equipment is given an individual number (or we can use your asset number) and is identified with a sticker indicating whether the item has passed or failed. We have in fact developed a unique system of coloured PAT testing labels, to provide customers with a simple and effective way of checking their appliance testing is up to date.

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