Which kneepads?

By March 5, 2015News

I would say this is a very important buy for most people in my line of work because if we don’t take care of ourselves then we could be in lots of pain towards the end of our careers.

There can be plenty of problems long term with bone fractures, rheumatic diseases, all forms of tendinitis, osteoarthritis, meniscus tears and ligament injuries. I am sure there are much more but these are more of the common types of knee injury.

There are companies that will sell you what they think is the best protection for your knees. But which kneepads are the best and which kneepads will last the longest?

I always wanted to discover the best kneepads money can buy, which were also the most comfortable. I was told buy the inserts for trousers. I listened to my peers and guess what? It was a massive let down! So I decided that it wasn’t about how they looked, it was about maximum comfort.

I think we can all agree there are many kneepads out there that we all just accept does the job. I have listed the types of knee pads below.

The types of knee pads are listed below.

  • Hard Cap
  • Curved Soft Cap
  • Flat or Concave Soft Cap
  • Fabric Cap
  • Fabric inserts in workers trousers

Most of the knee pads that are sold today I have mentioned are all gel foamed based but on a whole I have found that they last only a month.

The comfort soon disappears. It makes you wonder, why pay for a cheaper product when you can buy quality.

I decided that I would do my research and I decided to go further a field to the USA.

The Americans know there stuff. There is a company out there called Proknee that fit bespoke kneepads. The pads are not cheap but what’s more important your knees or the cost of quality.



If you want to compromise then Platinum kneepads by Superiorbilt are the next best pad out there.

These are sold by Custom Building Products in the USA. They are a memory foam based product that hugs your whole knee and last for at least 6 months possibly more.

They are designed for one thing only and that’s comfort. They give you great support for your knees and your shins and have extra wide straps that don’t bind your legs. For all you tilers and roofers out there, this product is a must buy!

They can cost between £40 and £65 a pair and honestly I would rather pay for quality over the cheaper end of the market. If you buy you have to buy in bulk. I have 10 pairs and I love them.



Get them today!!!!!!!!