Multi Site Motor Group Case Study

By August 6, 2015News

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After successful negotiations regarding price and quality, 250Rio secured the business for a large multi site retail company in the motor industry who sell car parts across the UK.

We were required to submit a detailed itinerary over a period of 3 months to complete all the sites.

All the items were risk assessed and it was decided that a 24 monthly test cycle would be added to each item as most of the items would rarely move from their positions.

Each shop had a layout of 1 – 3 till systems, a number plate machine and other electrical appliances at the front of the store and a kitchen at the back of the store.

We explained to all our engineers that the computerised till systems in each shop could not be switched off as this would affect the day to day running of the stock levels in each store.

A full visual inspection was carried out on all computerised till systems as this would not disrupt the day to day running of the shop.

When the job was completed we emailed our results and certification through to the Health and Safety manager.