PAT tester, PAT testing

A day in the life of a PAT tester


A PAT tester has a surprisingly varied work schedule.

Organisation is vital, so in advance of the test day the following will have been set up and agreed.

1) The name of the person you are meeting prior to the commencement of your job and any contact numbers you may need.
2) Establish if a parking space is arranged if they have one available.
3) Starting time of work – in hours or out of hours.
4) The frequency of testing for each electrical appliance.
5) Any key fobs or key cards to access any area within the office
6) Work permits would need to be filled out prior to starting the job a week before or on the day commencing the job.

On arrival you sign in to the premises, meet your contact and work out a plan of where you would start the PAT testing process in a location within the building.

The next phase would be to start working through each section. We give each section or location a specific name – this would then be typed into the PAT machine with a an ID code to determine where the item is located – this is retained in a database on the machine.

You then work your way around the office knowing that, as a PAT tester, you have to be very flexible, as most staff are working on important assignments. It is case of being very calm and being polite to all members of staff making sure you complete the task at hand.

Normally the best time to take breaks is when the staff are working. We normally take lunch at around 11am so we can work through their lunch period. This maximises the amount of work you do and you can complete the jobs a lot faster whilst using this approach. Most companies will offer you hot drinks throughout the day.

We always work until the job is complete. This can take half a day, one day, a week, month etc. Often this can involve very early mornings, late evenings and night work where this is the only time to get unrestricted access.

Back at the office. You would download the data onto a spreadsheet, Print out more labels so you are organised for the next day. The whole process is repeated regarding the testing each day.

No two days are the same as a PAT tester and you certainly get to meet a lot of people in the course of your work – all of which makes for a more enjoyable experience.